Lifetime Docuseries On R Kelly Doesn’t Affect R Kelly

Lifetime Docuseries on R Kelly shook us up but not R Kelly. The entertainer is as brave as they come, spotted out at a Chicago night club bumping like he has the world in his hands. The entertainer while at a Chicago nightclub said this:

“It’s my motherf**king birthday , and I don’t give a f**k what’s going on tonight.”

Listening to R Kelly below in a 2008 interview with Toure where he is asked if he likes teenage girls, the entertainer had trouble answering the questions. Watch below:

With a stream of women coming out with allegations against the entertainer that can send him to prison for years or life- 52 years old R Kelly showed up at a Chicago night club displaying himself like a teenager as if everything is all good in his life. Since the airing of Surviving R Kelly, you would think the once top ranked R&B singer would be ducking from the public eye.

But, no, R Kelly is out there not only acting like he has no worries, and also being insensitive to the said women who claim the singer mislead them on a singing career all to just take advantage of them sexually. If you watched Lifetime docuseries on R Kelly– the allegations made against R Kelly being a predator for young high school girls, scoping them out by using his fame and promising them a singing career- you would be as disgusted as we are.

R Kelly is in some hot water over all the allegations made against him and two prosecutors investigating him in different states, but the grandpa is out partying, bumping around like a young lad with no worries. What is quite amazing is seeing the amount of people at the Chicago night club R Kelly was at supporting the entertainer amidst his insensitivity towards the allegations being made against him.

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