Soulja Boy Insulting Kanye In Interview

Soulja Boy sitting down for The Breakfast Club interview

Soulja Boy went on The Breakfast Club looking ridiculous not just in appearance but in his claims. The rapper tore down Drake, and Kanye saying they are set musically because of him. Soulja Boy made his way to fame from his Crank That song. Despite not having much of a music catalog, Soulja Boy went on “The Breakfast Club” claiming his delivery of music as a rapper was bitten by Drake, and his persona was bitten by Kanye and says he taught Drake everything.

Soulja Boy called Kanye’s Yeezys ugly, and made it known that Kanye is no Steve Jobs or pioneer in innovation as he claims to be. The rapper blowing his own lid claims to have had the biggest comeback of the year. When he was challenged with Meek Mills return to the music scene, Soulja Boy was still defiant as having the biggest comeback.

The rapper sent a clear message to Kayne to cool his lid in saying if he is like Steve Jobs why didn’t he come out with sh*t like him. The young rapper went on to say that he came out with a whole video game console. He goes on to insulting Kanye saying that troubled rapper went around kissing the a** of big wigs essentially to market his ideas. Soulja Boy went even deeper into ripping Kanye saying this:

I am younger than you. I am flyer than you. N*****, whatever n*****, you crying on Twitter every week about Drake. But you gotta stop that sh*t bruh.

The spotlight attention rapper went on saying this about Kayne:

You up here supporting Trump and sh*t bruh. You supporting Trump bruh. What the f**k wrong with you bruh. That sh*t not right bruh.

The Crank That rapper goes on to say Kayne should contact him or he will continue to criticize him. Soulja mentions again that Kanye needs to stop supporting Trump. He calls Kanye support of Trump goofy sh*t. And, references what his family went through in terms of slavery. Soulja Boy says he understands everyone having their own opinion. The one time hot youngster believes Kanye is looking for attention. Soulja Boy says he sees no amusement in Kanye’s support of Trump. Check the interview of Soulja Boy in interview below:

Video: The Breakfast Club

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