Soulja Boy”Come Back Champ” Still Ranting

rapper soulja boy

Soulja Boy is so into himself right now that he cannot see the reality. The overly confident rapper has been on a streak just talking about himself of how great he is while putting down others. The rapper continues to claim that he had the biggest year of 2018.

What Soulja Boy(“Come Back Champ”) is talking about we don’t know. We don’t know if Soulja Boy is saying that he had one of the biggest comeback musically or business wise, but either way we don’t see him on the radar. The rapper is now bragging that his former record label, Interscope wants to sign him back

The “come back champ” says his former record label offered him a lot of money. Then the “Come Back Champ” says he is going to go to the record studio and drop a new hit song. Have you ever seen someone with so much confidence ? The Come Back Champ goes on to say in an interview that he is the hottest rapper in the game right now. Oblivious to the reality that to be the hottest in the rap game that would mean he has surpassed Drake. This is just not the case for Soulja Boy.

Come Back Champ knows what he is doing through social media and with media outlets in ranting to grab attention for himself. A mild form of Kayne is happening right now. The Come Back Champ is now capitalizing on the waves of attention on him, and released a new song just hours ago…

Hold on, did the Come Back Champ just take some bites from Bobby Shmurda, and also Chris Brown. If you watch the start of the video, you will notice that is often how Chris Brown starts off his videos. And, as for his persona in the video- the Come Back Champ’s style is a copy cat of Bobby Shmurda.