Akon Displays He Is All About Business In New Collab With Tekashi69

Tekashi69 and Akon Locked Up Sequel

Tekashi69 maybe called a snitch from one side of the world to the other, but it’s evident that Akon is an evolved man and doesn’t care about that. Tekashi revealing the under-world’s operations to the Federal Government of his former gang associates was given a reduced prison sentence. The rapper’s testimony also came with a life-long threat on his life from his former gang associates, and from a community of rappers frowning against the rainbow head rapper.

Many rappers have said they would not work with Tekashi who they label as a snitch. Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill has been just a few of the outspoken rappers to voice their opinions of Tekashi’s snitching. Clearly though- smash hit maker, Akon is more understanding as to Tekashi’s snitching. Akon known for his crazy collaborations that has hit the music charts over and over again provided that access to Tekashi make a part 2 to Locked Up.

Akon commented in an interview saying that he blames Tekashi’s snitching on generational differences. He also mentioned that Tekashi should have been pulled away from the under-world criminals- and told of the consequences and rules of that kind of mix up. Akon also cited Tekashi’s age as excuse for his actions of snitching. When the subject came up of Tekashi’s snitching, Akon had this to say:

Tekashi, thats my little man. Its funny…because this the thing right. He’s young bro. His generation and our generation ain’t the same. You gotta teach them different. I look at him still like a young G(referring to gangsters)that was surrounded by a whole bunch of people that didn’t inform him or that didn’t educate him properly as to what he was getting himself into. You gotta understand when as a human nature when people get caught up in situations- they gonna follow they survival instinct immediately.

If I’m an old G, I’m not gon put somebody that young or that inexperience or that uneducated to the street like that in situation where I know that if we get caught up there maybe a possibility that he may fold.

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