Beyonce Drops New Music Video, “Already”

Beyonce in Already music video

As I watched Beyonce’s latest music video, Already– I couldn’t help in wondering if Jay Z was in the background with his alleged insecurity watching for any man coming close to his wife. It’s long been reported that Jay Z gets the shakes of worries of a man attempting to woo Beyonce from under his nose. Whether this is true or not its not known. But, it wouldn’t be surprising if it is true. They say Beyonce has some musical set(Black Is King) for you to watch over at Disney+. The Already music video is believed to be the act of persuasion for us all to sign-up for Disney+. I had Disney+.


I was one in the many bunch of people who rushed to sign-up when the streaming platform said to rival Netflix launched. I was left disappointed after I viewed the sad listing of showtimes. I deleted my account as fast as I signed up. It is intriguing that a 38 years old Beyonce is still moving like she is 25 years old….but her dance skills is not enough for me convert from Netflix to Disney Plus. Their platform sucks.

Beyonce in Already music video in tree


When did Beyonce become so full in the chess region.