Cardi B Throws Wig Into Crowd During Performance And Then Ask For It Back

Rapper Cardi B(Cardi) sent a crowd of females into a frenzy when she took off her wig during a performance, and tossed it into the crowd. Cardi clearly never heard of no take backs, because the rapper jumped on Twitter saying she got carried away during her performance, and is requesting her wig back.

We hope Cardi is joking here. One, she is rich…go buy another wig. And two, that fan who grabbed the wig is probably over the moon in having this memory only to have it snatched away by Cardi requesting her wig back? It would be surprising if Cardi is serious in having her wig back. Seeing that her stripper days are behind her now with millions she is raking in- a loss wig should be nothing for her.

Cardi wants whoever that has her wig to direct message her on Twitter. The rapper is known to being very generous, so she might just make that wig holder’s dream bigger than having the wig in his or her possession.