Did You Know Beyonce Has A New Song Out?


You didn’t miss anything if you were unaware of new music by Beyonce. The former Destiny Child lead singer’s new music track was a dud. Even Beyonce’s die-hard fans are disappointed in her latest tune. Ironically, the song is about not breaking one’s soul, but Beyonce clearly broke the soul of her loyal fan base. The song, Break My Soul is widely seen all over the internet as a flop.

Break My Soul displays an older Beyonce who reminds me of my mom who rocks from side to side with her old soul in remembrance of those old days. Even with the up-tempo beat, it was difficult to get up to Break My Soul.  Could it be that having a family and kids and caused Beyonce to lose her creativity? Its long been said to be that of Usher. He has made a killer album since marriage and having kids. Thoughts? Could getting married and having kids be the Achilles heel for musicians?


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