Does Anyone Really Know What Jordyn Woods Occupation Really Is?

We are trying to find out what Jordyn Woods(above left) does for a living. Reports are that she is a model. We see no modelling happening on any runway. We hear she is an actress. We see no acting happening in any movie nor commercials. We hear she feeds her family off of her career. But, what is that career. The only lengthy resume we know of was that Jordyn is the former BFF of Kylie Jenner. Since that union ended- Jordyn has been popping up all over the place at random.

Then there is the mixing up with celebrities such as rapper Megan Thee Stallion. What is Jordyn’s occupation that allows her to be close to celebrities that a quick bond is formed. This is all odd. Typically, talent bring talented people together. Even sex tapes which have disgustingly launched some to fame, but not Jordyn.

It’s quite interesting that she really has no significant career, but yet manages to mingle with the elites in Hollywood. Is it Jordyn’s body and a her cute face that has placed her with the wealthy and elites of Hollywood ? If so, how long will that last for. Jordyn needs to get a career real fast. The socialite is seeing below getting her hair comb by rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Then here are the two as they move out and about. Well, at least Jordyn now seemingly has a strong girl in her corner to back her in cussing out those Kardashian ladies should they act up again. Kim and Khloe previously seemingly have been clowning Jordyn on social media. Jordyn never reacted.