Drake’s Beatles Tattoo Celebrating “Care Package” Success Upsets Beatles Fans

Drake is feeling the backlash of The Beatles fans after he decided to get a tattoo on his arm. You may say, so what is wrong with the tattoo…people get them everyday. Well, Drake’s tattoo in celebration of his Care Package album hitting #1 on the music charts is seen as disrespectful to The Beatles. Drakes tattoo is seen as poking fun of the groups Abbey Road Album cover. Drake’s album successes has him feeling all warm inside recognizing the height of success he has achieved out ranking one of the biggest ban of all time, The Beatles.

Drake’s music chart success has him knocking down “The Beatles” in the record books when it comes to the amount of chart topping songs. Then there is the amount of times he has hit the Billboard 100 list. Drake known for pissing people off when he is winning tattooed the four images of what are men walking across the Abbey Road zebra crossing. Then there is a fifth person- which one would take as Drake waving back at the four.

One person went the extreme saying:

Drake holds the position as the most charted songs for a solo artist. Then there is the lengthy amount of time spent on the music charts with additional accolades. Drake could care less about what a beetle The Beatles may think.

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