Flash Back: Missy Elliot’s “Sock It 2 Me”

Missy Elliot "Sock it to me"

Couldn’t help but launch up a flash back track and video of Missy Elliot from back in the day. Sock It 2 Me by Missy Elliot is an unforgettable track just like many of her other projects.

The talented MC is known for her artistic ability displayed in her music videos along with her unique take of music out-put. Missy slowly has been hitting the music scene with tracks as her health issues have caused her to take a back seat for some time.

Sock 2 Me is a sexual track in case you cannot catch the lyrics in what Missy is saying. Just like a man, Missy displays the need of a woman having the desire for that good sexing from that special man. She wants it given to her. What do they say… a freak in the sheets and a ….? Anyways, check out the track below: