Flash Back: Nas Bringing That Reality Of What Happens In The Ghetto: “NY State Of Mind”

Nas state of mind

The ghetto: The influences of drugs, violence and lack of a positive route to success in life. The lack of proper guidance, and motivation are ever so present. Promising lives are often lost trying to find their way, but Nas was one of the lucky ones despite his best friend being shot to death- Nas pushed forward to his God given destiny-music.

Nas burst on the music scene strong in 1994 touching the heart and minds of those who know what it is to grow up and around hard-ship. Nas comes raw with it in his realistic view of what happens in the hood with N.Y. State Of Mind. Still to this day, N.Y. State Of Mind sends chills through our body as Nas belts the lyrics we know so well as reality.