French Montana Sued By Producer For Stealing Record

french montana in music video ain't worried about nothin

Don’t know why, but Muslim rapper French Montana sued for stealing music doesn’t surprise us for some reason. French Montana’s songs never have an in depth meaning to it. He raps about how much money he has. Guns available at his disposal, and singing about things that is unbelievable coming from French Montana. He says in the above track that b*tches don’t mean nothing. Is this really French Montana.

Well, French Montana has something to ironically worry about as he is being accused of stealing. Oh- did we mention French Montana is a Muslim. How many forbidden acts of the religion is French Montana committing here. Is it not Haram for men to wear chains whether that be gold or silver?

Eddie Lee Richardson going by the name Hotwire has put forward a lawsuit against French Montana for $5 million saying the rapper stole the track to his originally produced track-which he called Hood Pushing Weight. Hotwire says all the vocals and lyrics are French’s, but that’s it. French is being accused of essentially of stealing the instrumental. The song, Ain’t Worried About Nothin is quite comical as French raps it, because it has surely come to reality that French has to worry about seeing $5 million leave his bank account.

Does French even have that kind of money we wonder ? We know he is probably up there in wealth, but highly question French Montana having $5 million in his bank account. You know what they say about rappers: Fake it until you make it. You would be surprise how many of your favorite rappers are not shining in wealth as they project. Scroll down below to see the video….