Future Sells Music Catalogue For $20 Million


It’s just not something you see artist strive to do after working so hard to make and deliver their music. So, its wildly believed that Future is in some serious financial trouble that would make him sell his music catalogue.

Having eight children with different women, and keeping up the extravagant appearance cannot be cheap. Although we don’t know why Future would sell his entire catalogue his actions again does present the thoughts of him requiring some quick, serious cash to funnel his lifestyle and possible debts.

The rapper sold his publishing rights to an investment firm called Influence Media Partners. The music catalogue obtained from the rapper contained 612 songs from 2004-2020. The investment firm buying Future’s music catalogue is not rookies at buying the hard work of music artist willing to sell their property. From Pitch Fork:

Influence Media had spent $300 million purchasing publishing rights to songs by Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber. That month they received additional investment from Warner Music Group and BlackRock, an institutional investment firm that has drawn criticism for anti-competitive practices.

Rene McLean, Influence Media’s partner and founding advisor had this to say of the successful purchase of Future’s music catalogue:

He continues to be a blueprint for impact and success in the music industry and has reinvented music in ways that no one has ever expected. It is rare to find someone who moves music and culture at the same speed with his distinct vocal and melodic style. His prolific career and continued popularity more than 15 years into the game is a testament to his undeniable influence on the contemporary music and culture landscape. We’re honored to be partnered with him.

Future acknowledging selling his music catalogue provided this reason for doing so:

I put everything into my music, and I wanted to make sure these were in good hands as I thought about the next chapter of these songs. I’m proud to partner up with Rene and the team at Influence Media and send a signal that this music has timeless value. My music is my art, and these songs represent some of the most precious artwork of my career.

Thoughts. Do you think Future made a wise decision in selling his music catalogue?

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