Hip Hop Artist Are Setting Themselves Up For Death; Hip Hop Is Not To Blame

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Takeoff was shot and killed in a hail of stray bullets. He was not the intended target. It was simply that the rapper was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Takeoff made the decision to place himself in a risky situation where gang members where placed with individuals who had trigger happy hands.

It’s said that Quavo, Takeoff’s uncle was engaged in an argument with an unknown individual which got heated to the point where allegedly someone from Quavo’s camp took a gun and fired shots. In turn, someone from the other side returned fire which saw those flying bullets taking Takeoff’s life.

Now, talk is going around questioning Hip Hop music and whether it should be banned. Then there are talks as to why artist from other music genre are not killed like black in the Hip Hop world. First, it is complete ignorance to toss the thought of banning rap music because an artist was either shot to death of hit by stray bullets. It not lyrical contents of the rapper which sent bullets his way. If you look on the recent deaths and scrape a little of the previous deaths, it is not Hip Hop music which sent rappers to their deaths. The reality is, Hip Hop artist have a difficult time not realizing and embracing their new found reality of fame and fortune and opportunity. They continue to mingle with gangsters, drug dealers or questionable suspects who problems follow.

Hip Hop artist also consistently go back to troubled, urban neighborhoods where jealously, violence  and high crime rates persist. Sadly, what leads Hip Hop artist to their deaths is their need to show to the industry that they are very much connected to the underworld. And, all this is for credibility, which often is the case that sends them to their deaths.

Again, Hip Hop music has nothing to do with the high death rates of artist. Hip Hop artist choose to walk into high risk situations which often take their lives. They choose to post photos online of their many jewelry. They choose to post online where they current position in the world is. They choose to walk without security, and believe within their heart no one will harm them, because “they are the street.” Pop singers are not from troubled, violent areas. There is no where for them to go back to that would place their lives at risk or take their lives.

They also don’t post photos of themselves online where a bag of jewelry for the world to see and then post their location. All that is the recipe for robbers, and anyone common sense person knows thieves are always watching. Also, pop singers go where they feel is safe, and still, often have security with them. So, with that level of precaution pop singers will of course live longer than Hip Hop artist. It’s even, again; more mind boggling as to why millionaires are gambling their money away on a dice game around reported gang members, alleged thieves and around an unstable environment.

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