In Case You Missed It: Beenie Man And Bounty Killer Verzuz Battle

Beenie man and bounty killer

The COVID-19 pandemic started a new wave in entertainment by musicians to the mass, and the action has been intriguing. The selection of who fans like to see battle along with celebrities get the movement going for that wish to come to life.

In some cases the battle of the best does not come to surface, and in other cases the wish is granted. Take for instance the latest battle involving long time reggae rivals Beenie Man and Bounty Killer now friends going at it straight from Jamaica. The unique competition between Beenie and Bounty is unlike what you will see in the U.S.

Tight battle. Do you see a winner here? Both artist clearly still entertaining. Our only criticism, Beenie Man really needs to lose that stomach from all that rich food he has been eating. The doctor looks like he is 3 months pregnant. Come one Beenie, you are an entertainment. You have to lose that stomach.