Joe Budden Gives His Nonsense Comments That Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson

Joe Budden

Joe Budden is stirring the sh*t pot again, and this time by saying Chris Brown is better than the late Michael Jackson. It would appear that Budden is looking for attention for his podcast with his latest comments. The former rapper not only said that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson(MJ), but went far in saying comparing MJ and CB is not even close.

CB is just better Budden says. He then posed the question as to why anyone would disagree with his comments. Is it because MJ is the best to ever do it and is considered as the GOAT in performance and music Budden questions. Budden explains his comments in why Chris is better than MJ saying:

Chris Brown is a painter. He plays ball. He dances. He is a gymnast . Chris Brown does like 30 different things exceptionally well. Mike song and he danced and made great songs. Chris Brown write produces talent.

It’s doesn’t make sense at all in what Budden is saying. We might as well to say that Dr. Sanja Gupta is a better doctor than the ones who strictly keep their skills in the emergency room. Compared to Gupta who writes books, and is a medical correspondent on CNN with a talk show as well. We don’t know what Budden is smoking to have come to his silly CB and MJ comparison, but its off the rails. It almost appear as if Budden is comparing empires of CB and MJ rather than comparing the direct fields they are both in.

There is hope for Budden though. He came full circle with his comments later on making more sense as he narrowed down even more the comparison between MJ and CB, saying that if one keeps it more about music between MJ and CB than its ridiculous- MJ wins. Talk about stupid comments to begin with which just brings everything back to ground zero in the more logical sense of comparison of two pop stars.

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