Kim Kardashian Buys Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe From “Scream” Music Video

Kim Kardashian janet jackson scream outfit

As if Kim Kardashian doesn’t have it all already. The billionaire snatched the wardrobe Janet Jackson wore in the Scream music video she featured in with her brother, Michael Jackson. The price for the Jackson’s Scream outfit was no easy dive in the pocket for the everyday person…Kim gladly and easily dished out $25,000 for the outfit. Kim making sure Jackson knew she dropped the dough on an outfit probably not even costing $2,000 to make shout out the pop singer on social media saying:

“Happy birthday queen!” Kardashian wrote on her Instagram Story, alongside a clip of Jackson wearing the ensemble. “For @janetjackson’s bday bc I’m such a fan I can’t believe I won this on juliens_auctions.”

Jackson surprisingly responded to Kim saying:

Thank u so much @kimkardashian! I hope ‘IF’ gives u as much pleasure as it did me,” she wrote along with three kissing face emojis.

The three day auction that was held in celebration of Jackson’s birthday had the star saying this in the sale of the memorable outfit:

Can’t believe this will be the last time I’ll see some of these items, but it’s for a good cause.

Janet Jackson is now 55 years old…her brother, Michael was 50 when he died.