Mass Lets Juvenile Know They Not Feeling His Vax That Thang Up; Pro COVID Vaccine

Vax That Thang Up

Juvenile got the much expected attention with his pro COVID vaccine campaign. Naturally, mainstream media who is pushing the COVID vaccine came running to Juvenile applauding his remix of Back That Thang Up to Vax That Thang Up. CNN quickly snatched up an interview with the rapper asking John Berman asking him:

“How important is it to you to get this message out, particularly in communities that are lagging behind in vaccination rates, including communities of color?”

Juvenile with a smile on his face responded in saying:

“It means a lot, you know, especially for me. And I’m trying to make everybody see it from my point of view,” responded the rapper. “So I just think that we all should, you know, take time out and get educated on it first, and then we all can be vaccinated hopefully in the future.”

When asked by Berman’s sidekick anchor Brianna Keilar of his response to backlash online to Vax That Thang Up, Juvenile responded in saying:

“You know, a lot of people lost family members, so I send out my condolences to them and their family, and I want them to know that I hurt just like they hurt. I have the same — I’ve lost family members, too, and it’s a scary — it’s a slippery slope.

So what I say to everybody else outside that’s speaking on it, man, just get educated. I’m not telling you, forcing you, or pushing you to go get vaccinated. I’m telling you to make a family decision. Talk to your family, get educated on it, and make the right decision.”

Juvenile claims he created Vax That Thang Up to educate his community, but we don’t hear the educating message in the song. Do you? What is clear though is anger over Vax That Thang Up.

From Sandra Rose:

MalaniKai Massey and Shelley Wynter, co-hosts of WSB’s “Word On the Street,” said they were “offended” and “Disgusted” by the song.


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