Rapper Casanova Again Shoots Music Video With Hundreds Of People Despite Social Distancing Warnings

Casanova Harlem music video shoot defying coronavirus

Casanova clearly has no care in the world in who contracts coronavirus. Just back in March the rapper tried to shoot a music video gathered with many people on set as he played with the coronavirus situation. Police intervened to shot down the gathering. Casanova didn’t see the problem in the situation. He joked about the coronavirus situation as if he is untouchable from being infected, he joked:

“We all test positive for corona. “We don’t give a fuck, we outside,” he adds before fake coughing.

Fast forward to Wednesday June 24th, Casanova is back to his insensitive actions. The rapper went back to shooting another music video with hundreds of people showing up-totally ignoring the social distancing warnings. So focused on getting their 15 minutes of fame-people didn’t care if they contracted COVID-19. Making sure they capture their 15 minutes of fame, no one wore a face mask.

It’s even more shocking that Casanova would place the lives of so many people at risk. As a black person I try to wrap my mind around he thinking process of the black community at times. The express care about the protection of their lives- but yet here you have hundreds of them out placing themselves during a virus pandemic.

Even with the reports of 120,000 Americans to have died to date, and growing- people are out and about like life is back to normal. It’s this kind of behavior in ignorance that will continue to have many more Americans die from COVID-19.  Casanova should know better. Sadly, in these only when one is infected do they stay to appreciate their life or rules in place to protect it.