Shaggy Releases New Album And New Tune: “Money Up”

Shaggy Money up video

How is your money this season? Shaggy is coming back with a tune to have it rolling off the tongues of many this summer. The tune is easy to relate to- you doing good financially- you have all the reason to dance your a** off. Shaggy! just when we thought you lost your touch- you come at us with this one. Shaggy is coming to kill them this summer with his new album, Wah Gwaan?!

Shaggy released the album on May 10th, an we are expecting some serious jams off the albums. Shaggy is one of the most successful Jamaican dance-hall artist to come out of Jamaica and still doing it strong. Yes, he takes forever to come out with new albums, but it’s important to note that he still has the touch for the swing. Scroll down below to check out the music video for Money Up.

Girls in Shaggy video dancing for Money Up music video