Snoop Dogg And DMX’s Verzuz Battle Fail In Delivering The Hype

Snoop Dogg and DMX were the lates to hit the verzuz battle, but as much as it was highly anticipated- the battle failed in reaching the hype. The two rappers unfortunately seemingly displayed their age in their will in sitting more than to deliver explosive performances.

You will be shocked if you haven’t seen DMX in the while. The once high ranking rapper gained a ton of weight. More in his stomach from what it looks like. Looks like life of wealthy has been overly generous to the DMX. Snoop, ah- he is still Snoop. Nothing physically has changed with him. Still on the slim slide. But, lets get back to the Verzuz battle of the two dogs. Sadly, it was a bore.

I expected some serious high energy performances. Given that Snoop doesn’t play on the mic when it comes to his lyrical ability on the mic to free-styling, and DMX having this gift as well- I thought they would deliver on this end. The two rappers really missed out on a big opportunity to shine. You would have thought they would have learned a thing or two from Beenie Man and Bounty Killer’s performances that blew up the internet. No one has yet to reach the pedestal Beenie and Bounty has set. Snoop and DMX’s Verzuz is good enough to put you to sleep.