The Weeknd’s New Face In Music Video Has Everyone Talking


As there is an artist who develops his or her visions through their drawings, The Weeknd is an artist in his own right through his music. It’s not clear though what the Weeknd is portraying with a botched up face displaying the appearance of a horrible surgical job that would scare the bees out of anyone. Social media went crazy in their comments on The Weeknd’s face as if it is a permanent change he has done.

We know artist have the talent for that third eye in viewing things differently than most in presenting their visions. But, we sure as hell are not feeling The Weeknd’s new face in his Save Your Tears music video. The Ethiopian singer’s face is enough to scare the heck out of someone going to the kitchen in the middle of the night. And, enough to squash the suppress the hungry belly of anyone.

Thoughts? What you think The Weeknd’s artistic surgical appearance Save Your Tears ?