Anthony Hopkins Jumps On Tik Tok Doing Drake’s Toosie Slide And It Was Not Bad

Anthony Hopkins on Tik Tok

Who knew Anthony Hopkins was even on social media. The 82 years old legendary actor jumped on Tik Tok suprisingly to do that Toosie Slide. Yes, he did it. This is not joke, and Hopkins was serious about getting into it. And, we must say that he was not bad at all.

The actor’s action on Tik Tok all around is a mode in which we have never seen him in before. The always seemingly serious actor let his bones loose in bringing some comedic, light-hearted take to Tik Tok. He challenges The Terminator and and Rambo to a dance off. We don’t expect Sylvester Stallone to take up the challenge, but we have seen some surprises- so who knows. Check him out below….