Black Ink Crew New York Star Ceaser Show Cancelled Over His Disturbing Abuse Of Dog

Ceaser Of Black Inc Crew New York

Your heart is going to drop when you see this one. Not only because it is Ceaser of Black Inc Crew, but that his actions caught on video are so cruel and to a animal. VH1 has decided to cancel Black Inc Crew New York after a video surfaced displaying Ceaser abusing a dog, and placing the animal in a cage, then kicking the cage down a grassed hill with the dog inside. The cage opens with the dog rolling out.

Outrage circulated throughout the internet and a call for VH1 to cancel Ceaser was answered by the network. It’s been decided. Black Inc Crew with Ceaser is done. The network says since the latest season was already essentially completed in production that this will roll out, and that’s it.

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