Elevator Brawl: Old Man Beats The Hell Out Of Guy For Coughing On Him In Elevator

Man beaten up in elevator for coughing on another

What appears to be a younger man stepping into an elevator not respecting social distancing met someone who was willing to step to that plate of aggression. The younger man stepping into the elevator where three people already remained- and often now a days is the requirement with the pandemic and all sees some verbal exchange seemingly in disagreement taking place.

Looks like the last guy stepping into the elevator was not feeling what was said to him by the older man, so he thought it was a good idea to cough on the man. Big mistake, and miscalculation. The older man put his two wheel dolly to the side giving it to what appears to be his companion.

Then nudge the guy that coughed on him, and from there…the brawl was on.  Even you could not have given the age difference and size what would happen next. Lets just say… the older man made a flat dough out of the younger, bigger guy and dragged him out of the elevator like a piece of garbage. It’s a lesson to be learned here…be respectful towards others and don’t underestimate the powers of others just because you are bigger.