Family Take Their Anger Out On Each Other In Disneyland Brawl

It’s being called the Disneyland brawl as if it’s a movie- but it is a serious thing. It’s real life where someone could be seriously injured. The saying is often that black people don’t know how to act out and about…and they have proven this at Disneyland this past weekend. A group of black people began acting like animals at the California theme park. The unknown bunch decided to resolve their differences by slapping and punching the crap out of each other. One man who serves as the main aggressor was slapping and beating the ladies like there was not tomorrow. OMG! is the first thought which came to mind from watching the Disneyland brawl.

Then then the second thought is…where the hell is the security response team at Disneyland. Imagine if the situation involved weapons. Just think of how many people would be hurt in the process. Disneyland’s security response is horrible. Then when Disney’s security does respond, they failed to contain and arrest the aggressor.

The man is seen still walking around freely, and back in arms length of harming the victim again. Shockingly, all the man slapping the ladies to the face, and serving them punches to their bodies is a relative to the women. All fighting parties are family according to police. Questions must be asked of Disneyland’s security response time. There should be no Disneyland brawl with the amount of security Disney is known to have.