Short Man At Bagel Boss Fighting Over Women Not Liking Him Says He Is Today’s MLK

The short man at Bagel Boss is back… this time he is explaining why he acted the way he did in Bagel Boss. Many thought Chris Morgan was crazy as he just burst out in anger talking about women not liking him because of his height. Since the video of more losing it went viral with 20 million views, Moore has become an internet sensation. Giving his reason why he lost it it at Bagel Boss, Morgan:

People think they are better than you, because they are taller than you or whatever. I went in basically to order a bagel sandwich and the Indian women who have never helped me there before- didn’t seem to understand the concept of egg whites.So, after saying about three times, and I verified- she says ok I understand and I said ok fine. Then she is doing this(smacking of the lips with a grin) with her mouth and looking at people and smirking and laughing- and I started to feel like I was being maligned. I may felt like I was less of a person.

You know how people are with their faces and their degrading and stuff. So, finally I took and took and said Miss, what you laughing at? I’m a frequent here. So now there acting like they didn’t do it which got me mad. Then from that point on, thats when the people jumped in and my whole life people feel like that they could attack me. They could jump me from behind. Punch me. I had a guy cut in front of me years ago and he pushed me when I asked him I was next. Anyways, so the video basically takes over from there.

Morgan went on to say he is tired of women using him and abusing him. He furthers his comments in saying women are often taking his money and leaving him, and that he is tired of it. When asked how is the modern day Martin Luther King, Morgan said this:

I’m basically taking what they were believing in, and try to get across the world and am bringing to a heighten level. Am basically doing their work and am continuing it…like, there alive and spirit

It’s interesting…Morgan says he is the victim of bullying, but yet he was the one harassing customers in Bagel Boss. He even went so far in getting up into the face of a customer while taunting him, and challenging him to a fight. When asked what message he has for the staff at Bagel Boss- Morgan says they need to grow the hell up. The opportunity of issuing an apology clearly flew over Morgan’s head. Let’s not be surprise if a network doesn’t give Morgan his own dating show.