UCLA’s Gymnast Wows Crowd With Quick Dance Routines

UCLA’s Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi had many smiling as she took to the mat. The freshman Gymnast from the University of California, Los Angeles displayed her talents without a hinge. It would be worth every scent of our money watching Katelyn Ohashi perform over watching a low rank professional hockey club play.

Ohashi’s flips into the air flawlessly with twist and turns so perfectly had us glued. The 21 year old is no stranger to the mat. She won the 2013 American cup. The moment belonged to Ohashi as many in the audience couldn’t take their eyes off of her. The crowd was in awe from Ohashi’s flips, twist and turns and dance moves. Ohashi had the crowd screaming as she danced to music playing in the background at the end of each performance.

UCLA’s gymnast danced to Michael Jackson while also incorporating some Tina Turner dance moves. After showcasing her quick dance moves, the gymnast went into action displaying another performance. Ohashi displayed confidence, determination and her energetic abilities as she took off flying into the air. Then came her dancing after which we think is a 10. We couldn’t think of the last time we saw a ULCA’s gymnast entertained us like Ohashi did. We are just wondering how the next girl feels having to follow Ohashi’s routine. It’s difficult to follow an act that just blew the crowd away in awe. See Katelyn Ohashi below in action…

What is heart-warming above is to see how Ohashi’s teammates being happy for her, and it appears genuine.

Video: NewsBuzz