Woman Apprehended After Driving Car Into Children Swimming Pool

woman driving her car into community centre

A 36 years old woman living in Canada drove her car into a community centre and then the pool. The woman was later apprehended under the mental health act. No one was hurt, but as you can see in the video above- the woman just narrowly missed a pedestrian. A whole lot of damage was done to the community centre’s glass door and windows as you see them shatter. Its said that over $5,000 of damage was done.

woman drives car through glass window and doors

Someone above was really shinning on the staff that day in the community centre to keep them all safe. There was no one walking around as the car smashed through the glass doors. The deliberate incident occurred at 8:40am. Sometimes I wish I could get into someone’s mind to understanding their thinking process whether mental or not.

Where did she think she was going or where her crazy, reckless driving was going to lead her to. It’s all so odd. The woman made the conscious decision to quickly drive around a pedestrian. All before plowing into the centre’s pool. It’s like the logical wires of the brain connected for a moment and then got disconnected.