Women Twerking On Top Of SUV On Highway Cause Stir

women twerking on top of suv shaking their ass as car moves along highway

Two women twerking on top of an suv on the highway actually happened. It’s not a scene from a blockbuster movie. The two women twerking on the suv left a registered nurse in shock as she witnessed the dangerous act while travelling on the highway. The nurse in disbelief quickly pulled out her phone and began recording. In no shame, and no concern for their safety or other drivers- two women got out of a moving suv several times to twerk.

The women could have been blown off the roof of the suv, and run over by a car or truck. Even more, the woman hanging out the passenger window could have been clipped by a car leaving her with a broken neck or arm. Jackie Friedhoff, the woman that recorded the two women twerking on the suv roof couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Friedhoff began recording the women, and posted it to Facebook in hopes that they would get caught. However, the attention garnered is not one Friedhoff could have predicted.

Friedhoff says she is now being called famous for recording the video. Sadly, the people calling Friedhoff famous is the problem with our world today. Friedhoff mentions that she is a private person, and that she doesn’t post normal stuff like the below video so it was odd for her. She never expected thevideo to go viral, but unfortunately Friedhoff forgets the world we live in.

Police were not called regarding the these women dangerous act on the highway but are now reviewing the video. According reports, the authorities list 3 acts of citations as they reviewed the video of the two women twerking with the other hanging outside the window. We come back to the thought, where are the police when you need them. 3 Citations where issued upon the video surfacing. The driver if you ask us should have his or her license suspended.

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