YouTuber Tells Shocking Story Of Dwayne Johnson Requesting He Delete Him From His Life In Troubled Times And Then Making Contact When Things Got Good For The Internet Star

Logan Paul

You may want to think twice before you call Dwayne The Rock Johnson your friend or hero, because he is someone who apparently will drop you like a rock in care of his brand. YouTuber, Logan Paul revealed in how he met Johnson did YouTuber videos with, and created a bond with only to find out Johnson wanted nothing to do with him. You might remember the time when Paul who has a massive following on YouTube thought it was a good idea to upload a video of a dead body(in 2007) while in a Japan to his channel. Paul received a quick response in the form of public backlash.

YouTube suspended his channel, and for a while there it was unsure if Paul would survive the storm of public hatred against him for his actions for filming and uploading a dead person who was suspected to have committed suicide.

In one of his latest interview, Paul revealed his hero, Dwayne The Rock Johnson wanted nothing to do with him. Paul with his rise in YouTube was fortunate to meet The Rock to which he naturally had photos with, and had the opportunities to make YouTube videos with. Well, after Paul filmed that video of a dead body, Johnson wanted nothing to do with him. When asked during his interview with a YouTuber Podcaster if he has ever had a hero who he thought was going to be cool but then disappointed him, Paul said:

The Rock. I’ve never told this story. I love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s the best. So likeable. Works hard. Motivational. His energy is contagious. Okay, we made a couple of videos together, me and Dwayne back in the day when I was making Instagram Vine sketches. And, great guy in real life. I was scared to meet him, cause I was like is he going to be one of those people I meet and I fall out of love with my idea of him, and no- sweat-heart. Gave me the time of day. Had a nice conversation.

It was awesome. Made like three or four videos on separate occasions that all like went like crazy viral. I would consider him like maybe not like not a friend, but definitely like an acquaintance; like very friendly with each other. Like, me and Dwayne- whats up.  I don’t know if I can tell this story. This is one of the saddest moments of my life, what about to say. After Japan happened, obviously found myself in a hole rightfully so that I have never been in before.

Extremely low mentally, and I got a call from my publicist who also repped Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and she is like hey…Dwayne has asked that you remove every picture and video that you’ve done with him.

Paul went onto say that the publicist passing a message onto him from Johnson said that maybe in the future the relationship between he and Johnson could be reconciled. The publicist then made it clear to Paul at his lowest point in his life that Johnson wanted nothing to do with Paul. Paul still clearly affected on how his “hero” dashed him to the side when he was going through problems said he wished Johnson called him instead of sending messages through a publicist.

Paul also revealed that since he escaped the storm of backlash over his disturbing death video-Johnson just three months back sent him a private message complementing him on a hilarious new video he posted. And, in addition to that…according to Paul, Johnson’s message to him after 4 years also contained Johnson the former wrestler saying he always supported him from afar. What does that even mean? Who wants to be supported from far from their hero.

Do you see anything wrong in what Johnson did ?

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